Attractions around Alpine Ridge


Gulmarg’s charm stems from the fact that it offers the visitor a chance to set his own pace be it a lazy relaxing holiday or a strenuous trek or game of golf. All through the summer one can go on walks or pony rides of varying lengths, or have rounds of golf on the famed 18 hole course. In winter, snow covered slopes attract skiers from all over the world.

Skiing in Gulmarg

Gulmarg has been the premier spot for ski lovers. With good Snow condition from December to March. Modern facilities .Such as T-bars, Ski lifts, Chair cars and rope ways are also available Heliskiing is also possible at Gulmarg. Skiing is done on open slope off trail through the pine forests. Among the major facilities available for skiing in the Gulmarg Gandola cable car from Gulmarg to the majestic Heights of Apaharwat Mountains, to facilitate the transportation of the skier as well as the adventure seeker.

Gulmarg offers some magical skiing. A new Gondola installed by the renowned French company takes skiers to the heights where crisp snow makes skiing a delight. Some of the best slopes in the country for beginners and intermediate skiers are available at Gulmarg. In winter Gulmarg’s natural slopes and inclines turn into the country’s premier skiing resort. Not all tourists who visit in winter come for skiing. Tobogganing, the most popular among them requires no skill. No skill is required – a flat wooden board is taken up the hill and is allowed to descend downhill. There are also snow scooters and snow bobbing.

Skiing in Gulmarg is a sport for every one. We have slopes for young children and beginners (known as baby slopes near the club house and for intermediates we have slope 85 , highlands, church slopes and for experts we have Affarvat and Kangdoori slopes.

Gulmarg will not offer you rich nightlife and fancy restaurants like western ski resorts. It will however give you advantages these resorts can not: virgin snow for every day and every run, short lift lines, empty ski runs, a high percentage of sunny days, rich wild life and unforgettable Kashmiri hospitality.

People who experienced Gulmarg all shared a tough decision to go the distance. Today they all share the same desire: the next Gulmarg experience…

Golf in Gulmarg

At an altitude of 2650m the historic Gulmarg Golf Club was formed in 1911 by the British – although in fact golf actually started here in 1890 when the first 6 hole course was built by Colonel Neville Chamberlain. Additional ‘browns’ were soon added and the course became known as ‘The Upper Course. Later in 1915 the nine hole ‘Rabbits Course’ was built.

Today, guests can enjoy a challenging 18 hole course designed by Peter Thomson Associates of Australia set amidst stunning views. The course has a fascinating peculiarity – due to the rarefied atmosphere the ball ‘whistles’ as it heads for the next hole!

Over the years the club has hosted many prestigious events including the Northern Indian championship.

Horse Riding

This is the best activity by which all the sites of Gulmarg can be explored. You can hire a horse for any duration and explore the unseen exotic places in Gulmarg.


A flat wooden board is taken up the hilltop and, without a navigator, allowed to slide downhill on the snow-covered slopes. Sledges as well as sledge-pullers are always available on hire.